KAB Allglass - "Ideal for our needs"

"We are the company KAB ALLGLASS GmbH from Hamburg, a medium-sized glass finisher with own ESG safety glass production and wholesale for the entire glass product range plus accessories.

We supply customers throughout North Germany and Denmark; to 95% with our own vehicles and a small part with foreign shipping companies.

We got to know the company Deltarack bvba at the glasstec 2014 in Dusseldorf and found the wooden racks presented there very professional and very suitable for our needs.

Since 2015, we have been working together with Deltarack bvba on a regular basis, both for our market in Hamburg and Schleswig Holstein; as well as or even especially for the export to Scandinavia, the delta rack racks have proven to be quite good.

The racks are very easy to mount, they are very stable and you can even use them several times, depending on the handling.

Our customers also find the frames very high quality and several of our largest customers have even asked that we deliver our glass exclusively on delta rack wood frames.

The performance of the company Deltarack (delivery, reliability and quality) we would like to rate a 10 and would definitely recommend the company to third parties."

Darko Grnjak - Geschäftsführer der Firma KAB ALLGLASS GmbH
+49 (0)40 75 20 19 0